JAE HO JUNG. b. 1971 Seoul, Korea



1997    B.F.A. Department of Oriental Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul

2001 M.F.A. Department of Oriental Painting, Seoul National University, Seoul



2017    Heat Island, INDIPRESS, Seoul

2014    Days of Dust, Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul

2011    Planet, Gallery SOSO, Paju

2009    Father’s Day, Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul

2007    Ecstatic Architecture, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

2005    Old Apartment Building, Kumho Young Artist Program,Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

2004    Cheongwoon Civil Apartment Building, Gallery Fish, Seoul

2003    Travel to lncheon, Incheon Shinsegae Gallery, Gallery Fish, Seoul



2019    Moment to Monument, Jae Ho Jung, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, Tae Soo Lee,

           CHOI&LAGER Gallery, Cologne

2017    The red brick house, OCI Museum, Seoul

           Accidentally, the night again,WUMIN Art Center, Cheongju

2016    Realism, Maison d Ungno Lee, Hong Seoung Home Ground,

           Cheongju Museum of Art, Cheongju

           Sweet My Home, GALLERY LUX, Seoul Retro Scene, SPACE K, Seoul

2015    Return Home, KOOKMIN UNIVERSITY Museum Seoul

           Somewhere out There, Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, Manila

           Space Life,ILMIN Museum, Seoul

2014    Home, Where the Heart is, Arko Art Center, Seoul

           The Relics of Old Seoul, Buk Seoul Museum of Art Seoul

           Parallax View, LIG Art Space, Seoul

           The Republic of Apartments, Seoul Museum of History, Seoul

2013    Real Landscape, True Reflection, OCI Museum, Seoul

           NOW, WE, HERE, Gallery SANTORINI SEOUL

2012    Spirit of landscape, SHINHAN Gallery, Seoul

           Urban Promenade, Pohang Museum of Steel Art, Pohang

2011    Busan my city, my strange place, SHINSEGAE Gallery, Busan

           No.45 KUMHO Young Artist, KUMHO Museum of Art, Seoul

2010    Between, ONE AND J. Gallery, Seoul

           Nature, Becoming Scene, Gallery CHOSUN, Seoul

           Now, things that are expressed paintings, GANA Art Gallery Seoul

           Fragmented Paysage, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Daegu


           Seoul Archive/ Urban Landscape, Daewoo Securities Yeoksamdong Gallery

2009    Wonderful Pictures, IL MIN Museum of Art, Seoul

2008    B-SIDE, DoART Seoul, Seoul

           Be Touched With, Work Room, Seoul

           Walking Magazine Walks, Ga Gallery, Seoul

2007   Retrospective 2007–Korean Young Painters, Noam Gallery/Doosan Gallery, Seoul

          The Whereabouts of Urban Paintings, Shinhan Gallery, Seoul

          Asia Contemporary Art Project, City-net Asia 2007, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

          Reminiscing the Medium–a post-Syndrome, Museum of Art Seoul

          National University, Seoul

          Channel, Two men show with Hangyang Kim, Gallery Doll, Seoul

2006   Korean Painting 1953 –2007, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul

          Urban Paintings – Scenes, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul

          PROPOSE 7, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul

          Between Past and Present, Geumnamro Gallery, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju

          Dongsung Gu Gyung, Gallery Jung Mi So, Seoul

          Familiar and Unfamiliar Scene, ARKO Museum, Seoul

2005   The Paint Detouring The Real, Busan Museum of Art, Busan Seoul

          Young Artist Art Festival – Portfolio 2005, Seoul, Museum of Art, Seoul

          Against Translation, Total Museum, Seoul

2004   Artists on Journey, Seoul National University Museum, Seoul

          Surprised Details – the 1st Human right Now Exhibition, Korea

          Democracy Foundation Gallery, Seoul

2003   Time of Nature, Time of Human, Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, Daejeon

          Oriental Painting Paradiso, Posco Art Museum, Seoul

          The Project of Cheonggye Cheon – Walking People on the Water, Seoul

          Museum of Art, Seoul

2002  Here – Being, Insa Art Space, Seoul Landscape, Posco Art Museum, Seoul

         Black-Ani, Seoul art and Culture Center, Seoul

2011  Flow: New Tendencies in Korea Art-Narrative Painting, Seoul art and Culture Center



National Museum of Contemporary Art Seoul

Museum of Art Busan Museum of Art

Jeju Museum of Art Seoul National University

Museum of Art Kumho Museum

Uijae Museum of Korean Art, OCI Museum OCI Museum