2007  University of Seoul, BA Environmental Sculpture

2011  University of Seoul, MA Environmental Sculpture



2019   Existential Antinomy ‘심상배반(心像背反)’, Kunst1, Seoul

2018   The Unbearable Lightness of Value, Space BA 421, Seoul

          9P: Lee Taesoo Solo Exhibition, Gallery 9P, Seoul

          International Sculpture Festa: Solo booth, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul

2017   Vanishing Point, Space Sun+, Seoul



2020   Moment to Monument, CHOI&LAGER Gallery Cologne 

2019   Media Attribute, Space K, Gwacheon

          Invitational Exhibition Modern Korea Sculpture, MBC Hobangwangjang, Chuncheon

          Changwon Asia Art Festival, Sungsan Art hall, Changwon

          Affaire de Coeur 5, Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul

2018   Lee Taesoo & Kim Sunhyuk, Blackstone Gallery, Icheon

          Beyond the Frame, Forest of Wisdom, Paju

          International Sculpture Symposium, Icheon Art Hall Gallery, Icheon

          십전십미(十全十美) China-Korea Contemporary Sculpture Exchange Exhibition, Hangzhou

          Secretsalon, Gallery WON, Seoul

          Gallery 9P Anniversary Exhibition, Gallery 9P, Seoul

2017   Memento mori, Kunst1, Seoul

          ArtN Work ‘Culture&Art Project’, SJ Kunst Halle, Seoul

          Modern Boy Artist Collaboration, Yesultong Namhakdang, Seoul

          氣 물질과 생명, Jungnang Art Center, Seoul

2009   New Generation, Kring, Seoul

2008   Touchable & Visible, Touch-art Gallery, Heyri

          Space Explorer, Beijing

2007   Jongchon Have it in Our Heart, Jongchon

          Sound of Mind, Shin Museum of Art, Cheongju



2018  International Sculpture Festa - Grand Prize, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul



2019   Media Attribute, Space K, Gwacheon Spyder Korea Seoul - Apgujeong, Seoul

          Gwangmyeong Taeyoung Desian, Gwangmyeong

2018   National Intangible Heritage Center, Jeonju

2017   LH Daegu Sinseo Innovation City, Daegu

2015   Sejong Government Complex, Sejong

2013   Booyoung Group - Namyang Namgwang-Sinwoo Apartment Complex

2012   Booyoung Group - Chuncheon, Chiljeon Apartment Complex

          LH Sejongsi Cheotmaeul Apt., Sejong LH Daejeon Noeun District 3, Daejeon



2019  Gana Foundation Residency - Jangheung Atelier