Decorated with a cheerful note, Henriette Grahnerts works lead an artistic examination of painting. This is illustrated by various painting techniques and levels of abstraction. Grahnerts reveals an unmistakable sense of humor, which can be guessed at by the titles of her works: with direct allusions to art (history)  including, for example, Picassos portraits or the importance of primary colors she links her personal passion for creativity with that of the artist.
Henriette Grahnert retains this subtle humor in other art forms. A naive joy can be found not only in painting, but also in collages, video art, installations and sculptures, which despite the colorful abstraction exudes a certain seriousness. Her work is never accidental or purely decorative: every movement and every inconspicuous spot is planned.
Henriette Grahnert is an important representative of German abstract painting. Through her participation in a large number of Germany-wide exhibitions including Jetzt! Young painting in Germany - and the amount of prizes, grants and publications clearly shows its importance in German contemporary art.