Almost Somewhere

Bend Edmunds


Almost somewhere, on my way
Moving on from yesterday
Soldier on, blunder through
Climb the steps, take in the view
Remember what you have to do.

Almost somewhere, leaving, learning
Moving forward, twisting, turning
One way up, the clock is spinning
Looking, loving, losing, winning
As your world is just beginning.

Almost somewhere, pack your kit
Reach the summit, this is it
Leave behind, focus, climb
Set sail, abseil, abyss, sublime
Fear of death and not much time.

Almost somewhere, seeking truth
Goretex, rip stop, waterproof
Distant first, horizon growing
Elusive, shrinking, coming, going
In your boat, still unknowing.

Almost somewhere, here at last
Edge of hope and moments pass
Now where should I go from here?
Count the weeks, the months, the years,
The gap between the dream the fear.

Almost somewhere, make a vow
The time before, ahead and now
Faded friendships, reach the end
Forever, if not now then when?
Moving forward once again.

Almost somewhere, promised land
Fingers running through the sand
Grip it, hold it, don’t forget
Infinity has not come yet
Better keep on climbing steps.

Almost somewhere, in the skies
Open water, open eyes
Pausing, thinking contemplating
Slowing down, decelerating
A measure of the time spent waiting.

Almost somewhere, dawn is breaking
Earth is spinning, lands are shaking
Arms stretched upwards, tiptoes, each
Memory of a perfect beach
Almost close but out of reach.