Born in Korea, 1977. Lives and works in Seoul.



2001  B. F. A., in Sculpture, Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul
2005  M. F. A., in Sculpture, Sungshin Women’s University, Graduate School, Seoul


2018 the LIFE, CHOI&LAGER Gallery, Germany (Cologne) 
2013 I’M OK, CHOI&LAGER Gallery,  Germany (Cologne)
2008 A family in disguise, UNION Gallery, U.K (London)
2007 WELCOME, KIMI ART Gallery, Korea (Seoul)
        ABUNDANT EMPTINESS, Ami&kanoko Gallery, Japan (Osaka)
2006 ABUNDANT EMPTINESS, Chang Gallery, Korea (Seoul)
2004 LEAF, LIFE, Noam Gallery, Korea (Seoul)


2016 Please Return to Busan Port, Vestfossen Museum, Vestfossen, Norway

2015  Have a Good Day, Mr.Kim, Michael Horbach Foundation, Cologne, Germany 

2011  Hello, LeBASSE projects, U.S.A
         An eye on korean contemporary, France (Paris)
         The Solo Project Art Fair Switzerland (Basel)
         Hey!, musée de la halle st pierre, France (Paris)
2010  Wow~! Funny Pop, Gyeongnam art museum, Korea (Gyeongnam)
         Lack of being, in ter alia art company, Korea (seoul)
         Alice’s Art Cube, Ansan arts center, Korea (Ansan)
         Star Wars-Episode III, UNC Gallery, Korea (seoul)
         Korean Art Show,  U.S.A (New York)
         London Art Fair, London, U.K
2009  The Cold Cell, do-it-yourself art centre, London, U.K
         Transformation in art, Savina Museum, Seoul
         Hong Kong Art Fair, HKCEC, Hongkong
         Museum in a Look, Woljeon museum, Icheon
2008  PULSE MIAMI Art Fair, Miami, U.S.A
         Merry Colorful Abstraction, Gallery  Artside, Seoul
         I Wanna Be a Contemporary Artist, The Arts House, Singapore
         Hong Kong Art Fair, HKCEC, Hongkong
         The Battle of Taste, Sangsangmadang, Seoul
2007  I Design, Kumho museum, Seoul
         BATON TOUCH, art space hyun, Seoul
         A complex, sungkok museum, Seoul
2006  Wall_a story behind That, Gallery Zandari, Seoul
         Museum Festival, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
         Whey protein, KIMI ART Gallery
2005  Seoul Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
         Funny Funny 4, Gallery Sejul, Seoul
2004  Objet painting, Gallery Chosun, Seoul
         21C shamanism, Gallery Choheung, Seoul
2004  Rapture Party, The alternative space Hap, Club COD, Seoul