Drawing is the body and spirit of Kim Eull (1954~). The drawings of Kim Eull holds expansive spectrum encompassing various genres including painting, sculpture, installation and etc. beyond the limitations of the narrow definition and form. Kim had majored in metal craft and received attention with painting and the artist has been emitting explosive energy with the ‘drawing project’, which began in 2002. Compared to other genres of art, ‘drawing’ relatively has free form, flexible attitude of approach, capable of instant response of the body and able to produce large amount in great speed. His drawing is the result of sensitive response to the gigantic world faced with his entire body. Drawing is the blood stream flowing in the veins of Kim Eull and the fuel that drives his body to move. That energy penetrates the spirit of Kim and trickles down to the world through the artist’s fingertips. Every stories of the world, filtered through the mind and free imagination is the surrounding ‘small universe’ and ‘massive self-portrait’ of Kim Eull.