Kim Eull          (b, 1954 Korea, Work and lives in Yongin, Korea)




1989      M.F.A, Jewelry Design, Graduate school of Industrial Arts. Hong-ik University. Korea

1982      B.F.A, Metal Craft, Won-Kwang University. Korea




2016      ‘Korea Artist Prize’ MMCA, Seoul, Korea

2015      ‘Why my drawing comes from the west’ Baik Art, LA, USA

2015      ‘Beyond the Painting’ Gallery Sein, Seoul, Korea

2013      ‘Two Rooms’ Space Mom Museum, Cheong Ju, korea

2012      ‘Twilight Zone’ Gallery Royal, Seoul, korea

2011      ‘hen, cow, dog, painting’ Gallery soso, Paju-Haily, korea

2010      ‘so here... is there a bird ?’ Space Gong Myung, Seoul, korea

2009      ‘Tears’ SPACE CAN, Seoul, korea

2008      ‘Kim Eull Drawing ; Tear ‘ Ga Gallery, Seoul, korea

2007      ‘Miscellaneous Painting2’ Gallery Noon, Seoul, korea

2006      ‘Drawing is Hammering’ Take Out Drawing, Seoul, korea

2006      ‘Miscellaneous Painting’ Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul, korea

2005      ‘Kim Eull Painting & Drawings’ Baik Hae Young Gallery, Seoul, korea

2004      ’kim Eull Drawing 2004’ Gallery Fish, Seoul, korea

2003      ‘Kim Eull Drawing 2003’, Gallery Fish, Seoul, korea

             ‘Kim Eull Drawing 2002’, Gallery Doll, Seoul, korea

2002      ‘#265 Ok ha-ri’, Project Space SARUBIA, Seoul, korea

2001      ‘This and That Mountains’, Gallery Savina, Seoul, korea

1996      ‘Self-Portrait’, Kum ho Gallery,Seoul, korea

1994      ‘Kim Eull Exhibition’, Kum ho Gallery, Seoul, korea




2016      ‘Inside drawing’ Ilwoo art space, Seoul

2015      ‘The garden as a space’ KSD gallery, Seoul

2015      ‘Giving my heart to snoopy’ Lotte Avenuel arthall, Seoul

2015      ‘Your trip’ Daecheongho museum, Cheongju

2015      ‘City, Joy’ Seongnam art center, Seongnam

2013      ‘Seoul Drawing Club-Two Drawing Project’ SoSo gallery, Hai-ri Art Village

2013      ‘learning Machine’ Paik Nam Jun Art center, Yong-in

2013      ‘House Who live in?’ White block Gallery, Hai-ri Art village

2012      ‘Winter Wonder Land’ Space K, Seoul

2012      ‘Song of JINDO’ Sinsaegye gallery, Seoul

2012      ‘Im/Pulse to see’ Gallery 101, Seoul

2012      ‘Vitality of Art’ Taegu Art Plant, Taegu

2012      ‘Museum in the Book’ OCI Museum, Seoul

2012      ‘Emerzing Images’ Beyond Museum, Seoul

2012      ‘Harodongsun’ Space Mom Museum, Cheongju

2012      ‘Record of Emotion’ Lotte Gallery, Ilsan

2012      ‘Untitled-2’ Choi jung a Gallery, Seoul

2011      ‘Tell me, Tell me’ MOCA, Gwachun

2011      ‘Ahn-Nyung/ Hello’ Le Basse Projects, LA, USA

2010      ‘Drawing Palm ‘ Gue Mun Hwa, Seoul

2009      ‘Layered City’ Artside, Beijing, China

2009      ‘Safety First’ Alternative space Choong Jung Gak, Seoul

2009      ‘Big Boys’, Andrewshire Gallery, LA, USA

2009      ‘scape of misunderstanding’, Zaha Museum, Seoul

2009      ‘100 Daehangro’ Arko Museum, Seoul

2009      ‘Self Portrait’ Seoshin Gallery, Jeonju

2008      ‘Rak-Joy’ Pax Arts Asia, Beijing, China

2008      ‘Art in Daegu2008 Uprising of the Images’, KT&G, Daegu

2008      ‘POP&POP’ , Sungnam Cultural Center, Sungnam

2008      ‘KIAF 2008’ Trade Center, Seoul

2007      ‘Study of the On Paintings’, Ssamzie Space, Seoul

2007      ‘SO.S’ The Bus, Seoul

2007      ‘Gyeonggi, National Highway NO,1’ Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Ansan

2007      ‘Think Green’ Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul

2007      ‘The Time of Surplus’ The Gallery, Seoul

2006      ‘Wake up Andy Warhol’, Ssamzie Gallery, Seoul

2006      ‘Persistent Drawing’ Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Suwon

2006      ‘Thump’ Gallery Noon, Seoul

2006      ‘1 Hundred Years of Korean Art’ National Museum of Contemporaly Art, Kwachun

2006      ‘Seek in Myeongryun dong’ Myeongryun dong, Seoul

2006      ‘Drawing Energy’, Arko Art Center, Seoul

2006      ‘Drawn to Drawing’, SOMA Museum, Seoul

2005      ‘The play between ‘, Andrewshire gallery , Arena 1, LA ,USA

            ‘Domestic Drama’, Project Space Zip, Seoul.

            ‘Discovery of Seoul’ Gallery Gwang, Seoul

            ‘Korea-Japan Modern Drawing’ Choheung Gallery, Seoul

            ‘Flow of Art in Gyeonggi’ Exhibition Hall in Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Suwon

            ‘Movement on Silence’ Gallery DOS, Seoul

            ‘Reading Diary’ Gallery Wooduk, Seoul

2004      ’Rolling space’, Marronnier Art center Seoul.

             ‘Japan Korea Contemporary Art 2004’ O Museum, Tokyo, Japan

             ‘Close into....Drawing’ Gallery Skape, Seoul

             ‘RE-MESIS’ Space Beam, Incheon

2003      ‘REAL-SCAPE Revisited’, National Museum of contemporary Art, Korea

             ‘Trace-scape’, Ga Gallery, Seoul

             ‘Discovery of Life in Seoul’, SSamZie Space, Seoul

2002      ‘Self-portrait of Korean Art’ Sejong Center Museum, Seoul

             ‘Thousand eye, Thousand road’ Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul

2001      ‘2001 Odyssey’ Sungsan Arthall, Changwon

             ‘NO cut’ Gallery Savina, Seoul

             ‘Painting and Figure’ Kwanhoon Gallery




KIM EULL DRAWINGS 2002-2004(456p), 2004, Gallery FISH

KIM EULL DRAWINGS /50(292p), 2005, Kim Eull

Miscellaneous Drawings(252p), 2006, Arko Art Center

Drawing; Stair(40p), 2006, Collapsible Museum

The Kim eull drawing book(320p), 2006, Gallery Ssamzie

KIM EULL DRAWINGS(180p), 2007, Kim Eull

MY GREAT DRAWINGS(385p) 2011, Kim Eull



2008.12~2009.2 PSB Beijing China

2009.10~2010.1 GCC Ansan Korea