Jan-Ole Schiemann creates abstract compositions composed of shapes and fragments from various sources, both historical and his own, the origins of Jan-Ole Schiemanns’ work is inspired by the iconographic 1920’s American cartoonist Max Fleischer, the creator of “Betty Boop’ and ‘Popeye’. Schiemann was profoundly captivated by the aesthetics of Fleischer’s cartoons, later transforming the realistic characters into abstracted images through his unique vision; thus reconstructing them onto canvas.


This effect of ‘kinetic’ or ‘moving painting’ is one of the core elements of the artist’s intention. Stimulating the vast world of imagination and concept through each viewer’s point of view is the key aesthetic that is present in Jan-Ole Schiemann’s work.


The artist’s main mediums are the ones used in conventional cartoon production: black ink and primary colours in acrylic. The artists’ innovation and reconstruction of the flat surface of the canvas echoes the depth of real life by portraying three-dimensional space on canvas.