18-OCT-2017   -   22-OCT-2017


CHOI & LAGER will present new works by three Korean artists: Ayoung Kim, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, and Seahyun Lee. The works, shown for the first time in Paris, explores the complexity of political and social context laid under narrative nature of visual language. Ayoung Kim's video work In This Vessel We Shall Be Kept (2016), shows her performance in collaboration with Paris National Opera in the basement of Palais Garnier - in the depths of its famous underground "lake." Six dancers and six singers invites the audiences to embark on a ship, floating on the waves of voices and movements. Kelvin Kyungkun Park's video work, based on the popular K-soap opera Stairway to Heaven (2003), reveals the archetype of emotional structures of Asian soap operas - a non subjective subjectivity. Seahyun Lee's blue painting is developed from his red landscapes. His works represent both the landscape of fragmentation and the restored landscape of completion in equal measure, in their depiction of trauma, but also in their depiction of the devices we use to refute the fact and the evidence of that trauma. The human compulsion towards narratives of wholeness and totality is rendered with an acute awareness of its futility, as well as its potential to achieve a kind of grace.